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FMFF is a business membership and public serving NGO.

The three Mongolian Freight Forwarders Association was merged and “Federation of Mongolian Freight Forwarding” non-governmental organization founded in 2014 on 4 April 04. General of Landbridge LLC Enkhtuvshin was first director of board elected with 11 members of Board. Now, general directors of Asia Road LLC Solongo is elected by director of  Board  from all members of the Conference April 30, 2018 with 9 members of Board and the executive team.


Vision of the “Federation of Mongolian Freight Forwarding”

FMFF will a professional association with the Mongolian freight forwarder.

Mission of the “Federation of Mongolian Freight Forwarding”

FMFF contributes to the common interests of its members and contributes to the development of the transport and logistics sector.

The main purpose of the federation is

  • to improve the transport and logistics sector in Mongolia
  • increase the transit transportation capacity
  • improve national freight forwarding capacity, and
  • improve the legal environment for transport


FMFF will get an advocacy support on sector policy regulation.

FMFF aims to develop draft law of Mongolian freight forwarders and will propose it to the Mongolian parliament on 2019 spring meeting.

The first activities like signing MoU between main players (Ministry of Road Transport and Development (actually Ministry for Trade)) and building of working group of stakeholders began already. Due to its vision FMFF enhanced their mandate with public serving NGO and adapted their rules.

Successful advocacy work:

  • FMFF has positively influenced the registration of freight forwarding and logistics companies with the Ministry of road and Transport development of Mongolia
  • Has built a working group with 20 stakeholders on the development of transport law and signed MoU on long-term cooperation with Ministry of Transport

We focus on many pressing problems within the  freight  forwarding  sector. And  we are organizing events for our member. Include is basic logistics training,  professional training,  sport type of fivе, and New Year’s event etc…


FMFF will be a competent association, which is trusted by their members.

There are 232 freight forwarding companies operating in the Mongolian freight forwarding industry.  We are representing our members of 34 freight forwarding agents in Mongolia.

Our  members of FMFF are processing together 90% of the total transport and logistic services in the sector.

Membership fees per member and year

  • MNT 1 million per member
  • MNT 300,000 per observer member
  • Registration fee: MNT 50,000 per new member


Address:  Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, Sukhbaatar district 5,  “DEM” office center, room no. 213

Telephone number: 976 – 9400 – 4282,  976 – 9554 – 4142


Facebook page:  Монголын Тээвэр Зуучлагчдын Нэгдсэн Холбоо